UK Hopes for Restraint as Israel Contemplates Response to Iran's Attack

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.15 - 2024 10:23 AM CET

Photo: 360b /
Photo: 360b /
In the wake of a severe assault by Iran, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron urges Israel to avoid escalating tensions.

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Following the recent Iranian attack on Israel, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said on Sky News that Israel had the right to respond to the attack, though the UK hopes for restraint.

"The Iranian assault was massive, involving 301 weapons, including 110 ballistic missiles and 40 cruise missiles," Cameron noted, as reported by European Truth.

"If you're in Israel this morning, it's understandable to feel you have every right to respond. While that is true, we urge restraint to avoid escalation," the British Foreign Secretary stated.

Britain's Position

"We hope there will be no retaliation and instead, the world's attention should be focused on Hamas. They are still holding hostages. A proposed deal suggests exchanging prisoners from Israeli jails for hostages, accompanied by a pause in hostilities. This is what should happen next," Cameron added.

He suggested that acknowledging the failure of Iran's attack might be the most prudent course of action.

"And we want to focus on that, on the malign influence of Iran, and really concentrate on what's happening in Gaza and the release of the hostages," Cameron elaborated.

Senior U.S. officials have confirmed that the United States will not participate in any retaliatory measures that Israel might take against Iran.

After a discussion between Netanyahu and President Biden, media sources including The New York Times reported that Israel opted against a retaliatory strike in response to Iran’s extensive use of drones and missiles.

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