UK Prime Minister with Message to All Ukrainias

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.12 - 2024 3:12 PM CET

UK Prime Minister with Message to All Ukrainias.

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Late last night, Rishi Sunak convened a crisis phone meeting regarding the ongoing conflict with the Houthis.

However, the meeting must not have taken very long, as early Friday morning local time, the British Prime Minister arrived in Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak is expected to bring a pledge of $3 billion in military support to Ukraine, but that was not all.

Just a few hours ago, the British Prime Minister posted a message on X (formerly Twitter), where he delivered a message to the Ukrainians.

"I am in Ukraine to deliver a simple message."

"Our support cannot and will not falter," says the British Prime Minister, before delivering the message to all Ukrainians.

"To all Ukrainians, Britain is with you – for as long as it takes."

Responses to Rishi Sunak's post have been mixed. Several are pleased with the Prime Minister's announcement, while others oppose it. One person, for instance, believes that the money currently being spent in Ukraine could have helped prevent people from being homeless in Great Britain.

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