Ukraine ally says relations reach a point of no return

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.22 - 2023 12:24 PM CET

Ukraine ally says relations reach a point of no return

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The head of the Jagiellonian Club, Paweł Musiałek, recently spoke about the deteriorating ties between Poland and Ukraine, stating that the relationship has reached a point of no return.

In an interview, Musiałek highlighted the various factors that have contributed to the current state of affairs, including political tensions and trade embargoes.

Musiałek expressed his belief that the two countries are unlikely to return to the previous state of camaraderie that once existed.

He pointed out that the relationship has been strained due to a variety of issues, ranging from economic sanctions to political discord.

"The situation has escalated to such an extent that it's hard to see how we could go back to the way things were," he said.

According to Musiałek, the relationship between Poland and Ukraine has moved beyond sentimental ties and entered the realm of hard politics.

He emphasized that both nations need to acknowledge the new reality and act accordingly. "We have to face the fact that the dynamics have changed, and it's not just about brotherhood anymore; it's about political and economic interests," Musiałek added.

The interview sheds light on the complexities of the Poland-Ukraine relationship, which has been fraught with challenges in recent years. Musiałek's comments serve as a sobering reminder that the two countries have a long way to go in mending their fractured relationship.