Ukraine Appeals for Urgent Ammunition Supplies Amid Shortfall

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.01 - 2024 8:57 AM CET

Ukraine Appeals for Urgent Ammunition Supplies Amid Shortfall.

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Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov has alerted EU counterparts about the critical ammunition shortage faced by Ukraine's Armed Forces, as they are significantly outgunned by Russian troops in terms of artillery ammunition. This alarming situation was reported by Bloomberg on Jan. 31.

In a letter to EU defense ministers, Umerov emphasized the crucial role of ammunition in warfare, stating, “The side with the most ammunition to fight usually wins.”

He detailed the stark disparity in artillery firepower, revealing that Ukraine is only able to produce a maximum of 2,000 shells per day for its extensive 1,500-kilometer front line. This output pales in comparison to the volume of shells used daily by Russian forces.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Umerov appealed for the prompt delivery of the one million artillery shells promised by the EU. This assistance is vital for Ukraine to counterbalance Russia's firepower advantage.

Additionally, the letter specifies Ukraine's requirement of 200,000 155mm shells monthly. In contrast, Russia has been bolstering its ammunition stockpile, reportedly receiving around one million shells from North Korea.

This appeal comes in the wake of EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell's statement on Jan. 31 that by March, the EU would only achieve 52% of its commitment to supply Ukraine with one million artillery shells within a year.

Earlier, on Jan. 11, the European Commission had announced that EU countries would only be capable of manufacturing one million rounds by the end of the winter of 2024, highlighting the challenges in meeting Ukraine's immediate ammunition needs.

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