Ukraine crisis at tipping point - Zelensky sounds alarm on World War III

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.21 - 2023 9:44 AM CET


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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in a recent interview, issued a stark warning about the potential escalation of the ongoing war in Ukraine into a third World War, in an interview with The Sun.

As Russia intensifies its military operations in Ukraine, Zelensky accused Vladimir Putin of exacerbating global tensions, potentially leading to an uncontrollable global conflict.

Zelensky pointed out that Russia's actions are not limited to Ukraine but extend to stirring unrest in regions like the Balkans and supporting groups like Hamas.

He emphasized that the continuation of Russian aggression could prompt a serious intervention from major global powers like the United States and China.

The interview highlighted the significant human toll of the conflict, with up to 600,000 casualties, primarily Russian soldiers, since the invasion's inception in February last year.

Zelensky expressed his concern over the diversion of global attention from Ukraine, especially with the conflict in Israel, which he believes serves Russia's interests.

Despite setbacks in Ukraine's military counter-offensives and waning support from some allies, Zelensky remains resolute. He stressed the necessity of more air defense systems to protect civilians and advance Ukrainian forces on the front lines.

Acknowledging the fatigue and sacrifices of the Ukrainian people, he maintained their unyielding resolve to resist Russian aggression.

Zelensky's message is a reminder of the war's broader implications on global stability and the need for continued international support for Ukraine.

He underscored that without adequate support, Ukraine alone might not withstand the Russian offensive, thereby posing a threat to broader European and global security.

Watch Ukraine destroy 55 Russian tanks right here:

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