Ukraine in great triumph

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.09 - 2023 3:05 PM CET

HIMARS attack eliminates key Russian commanders

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In a significant military development, a HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) strike in the occupied Skadovsk area of the Kherson region has reportedly resulted in the elimination of high-ranking Russian officers.

The attack, confirmed by multiple sources including the National Resistance Center and Petro Andriushchenko, advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, occurred in the early hours, causing two powerful explosions.

The strike, reported to have taken place around 09:30, is said to have targeted a temporary deployment point of an FSB unit.

The aftermath saw emergency services working at the blast site, with access to the area restricted. Andriushchenko mentioned at least 15 wounded and five fatalities among the Russian forces.

Volodymyr Saldo, the self-proclaimed "acting governor of Kherson Oblast," acknowledged a missile attack in Skadovsk but claimed that only the private sector was hit.

However, Radio Liberty's update indicated that the HIMARS strike destroyed the second floor of a building, corroborating claims of high-ranking Russian officer casualties.

In response, Russia's Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case, alleging that a civilian object was damaged and reporting casualties. This strike marks a significant blow to Russian military forces in the region and highlights the ongoing intense conflict in Ukraine.