Ukraine Is Not Afraid of Trump Presidency: 'He Is a Man You Can Work With'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.05 - 2024 10:08 PM CET

According to Ukraine's Foreign Minister, the country is not afraid of Trump winning the American election, as they believe it is entirely possible to work with him.

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Ukraine's Foreign Secretary, Dmytro Kuleba, recently shared his thoughts on potentially collaborating with Donald Trump, should he secure the U.S. Presidency again in 2024. Kuleba doesn't foresee Trump's possible return to office adversely affecting Ukraine, stressing the significance of establishing a collaborative relationship.

According to Ukrainian Pravda, Dmytru Kuleba noted:

"You have to squeeze out the benefits for yourself, for your country" underscoring the necessity to modify tactics to favor Ukraine.

'Trump is a person you can work with'

Kuleba recognized Trump's "extremely charismatic deeds" and notable support to Ukraine, such as the provision of American military equipment like Javelins, the transfer of naval ships, and resistance to the Nord Stream 2 initiative. These efforts, as per Kuleba, show Trump's beneficial influence on Ukraine.

"Trump is known for of his, I would say, ultra-charismatic actions, his reputation and his phrases. But who sold the first American weapon to Ukraine? President Trump [sent us] Javelins. Who launched the programme of free delivery of the first naval vessels, the Island and Mark VI boats, to Ukraine? Trump. Who fought the Nord Stream 2 project and imposed sanctions on the well-known but already forgotten Fortuna ship that laid this pipeline? It was Trump." Kuleba stated in the interview.

The minister further commented, "Trump is a person you can work with; you just need to know how to work with him. If he makes it to the election and if he wins, he will be completely different from President Joe Biden, to whom we are extremely grateful for everything. There are a lot of "ifs", but Ukraine should not be afraid of anything, no elections and no current or future politicians," Kuleba says.

Kuleba also conveyed appreciation to the current President, Joe Biden, while emphasizing the necessity to remain fearless in the face of possible shifts in U.S. leadership.