Ukraine managed to kill Putin-ally 'the Executioner'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.10 - 2023 2:37 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Ukraine managed to kill Putin-ally 'the Executioner'

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A Russian-backed politician, known as 'the Executioner', was killed in a car bombing orchestrated by Ukraine, sparking widespread astonishment.

According to Fox News, Ukrainian intelligence officials openly acknowledged orchestrating the car bomb attack that resulted in the death of a pro-Russian politician on Wednesday.

They labeled the incident as a justified reprisal.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense's Main Intelligence Directorate declared via Telegram that traitors and collaborators in territories temporarily occupied by "terrorist Russia" would face deserved punishment, adding, "The hunt continues!"

Ukraine's Military Intelligence Directorate's representative, Andriy Cherniak, confirmed to Politico, "It was our operation."

The Telegram announcement highlighted that resistance members in the occupied areas assisted in eliminating Mikhail Filiponenko, a member of the Luhansk legislature.

Filiponenko, who narrowly escaped an earlier car bombing just before Russia's comprehensive invasion of Ukraine, was previously a leader of Moscow-aligned separatist forces in Luhansk and had represented them at the cease-fire monitoring center in the region, as reported by Radio Free Europe.

The intelligence directorate accused Filiponenko of orchestrating and participating in the torture of prisoners of war and civilians, dubbing him "the executioner."

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