Ukraine mocks Pepsi after Factory near Kyiv hit by Missile

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.21 - 2023 2:11 PM CET

Photo: Defense of Ukraine
Photo: Defense of Ukraine
Ukraine mocks Pepsi after Factory near Kyiv hit by Missile.

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A Pepsi factory near Kiev, Ukraine, was struck by a missile, according to a statement by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The ministry further claimed that Pepsi is on their list of war sponsors for not withdrawing from Russia, and the ministry mocks PepsiCo by saying that the taxes they have paid in Russia paid for the missiles that hit the factory.

"Pepsi has essentially paid for the missile that destroyed their building," the ministry said in a social media post.

Since September 1, PepsiCo has been on a blacklist of companies that, according to the Ukrainian anti-corruption authority, support Russia's war efforts.

This led to several companies to boycott the American giant.

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