Ukraine Promises Battlefield 'Surprises' for Russia, US State Department Says

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.06 - 2024 9:22 AM CET

Ukraine Promises Battlefield 'Surprises' for Russia, US State Department Says.

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Matthew Miller, spokesperson from the U.S. State Department hinted at Ukraine's readiness to unveil strategic "surprises" against Russian forces, potentially altering the dynamics on the battlefield. According to Matthew Miller, these unexpected tactics are part of Ukraine's broader strategy to secure victories against their adversary.

This development follows a statement made by Victoria Nuland, the Under Secretary of State, earlier in the year, suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin would face unexpected challenges in the ongoing conflict.

Highlighting recent Ukrainian military successes, Miller referenced the destruction of Russian naval assets in the Black Sea as evidence of Ukraine's capability and resolve.

Specifically, he noted the sinking of Russian Black Sea Fleet ships, underscoring the effectiveness of Ukraine's strategic surprises.

Miller expressed confidence in Ukraine's battle plan, emphasizing the nation's ability to carry out operations leading to significant victories. "Ukraine's recent actions, including the sinking of another Russian vessel just in the past day, showcase their readiness and ingenuity on the battlefield," he remarked.

The Sergei Kotov, a patrol ship valued at $65 million and part of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, was reported sunk by Ukrainian forces using Magura V5 drones, as confirmed by Ukraine's military intelligence.

This incident serves as a testament to Ukraine's ongoing efforts and capabilities in countering Russian military operations, promising more unforeseen challenges for Russia as the conflict continues.

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