Ukraine Reports Daily Use of Banned Chemical Weapons by Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.07 - 2024 9:46 PM CET

Frontline Ukrainian soldiers allege relentless chemical attacks by Russian forces, defying international laws.

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A disturbing narrative is emerging from the Ukrainian frontline.

Soldiers stationed there assert that Russian forces are engaging in the daily use of chemical weapons, a tactic that starkly violates international conventions.

These allegations, detailed by sources to The Telegraph, paint a grim picture of the warfare tactics being employed.

A Desperate Measure?

According to Ukrainian soldiers, the Russian military has resorted to lobbing grenades filled with tear gas among other chemical agents.

This method, they claim, has become a routine strategy for Russia.

The use of chemical weapons in conflict zones is strictly prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), an international treaty that Russia, too, has ratified.

One commanding officer in the Ukrainian army, identified only as Ihor, voiced that the strength of Ukraine’s frontline defenses has rendered traditional warfare tactics like drone strikes or artillery bombardments ineffective against them.

"The only success they're having is by attacking us with [chemical weapons]," he remarked.

A Looming Threat

This escalating tactic comes amidst warnings from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj about the dire state of Ukraine's missile reserves.

In a recent address, Zelenskyj highlighted the pressing risk of missile shortages, particularly if Russia continues its intensive long-range bombing campaigns.

These bombings have relentlessly targeted Ukraine's energy infrastructure and cities, employing a vast array of missiles and drones.

"If they keep hitting Ukraine every day, as they have been for the last month, we're going to run out of missiles," Zelenskyj disclosed in an interview with Ukrainian television, stressing the crucial need for more defensive weapons, including the advanced American-made Patriot air defense system.

The Cry for Support

Amid these challenges, Ukraine is eagerly anticipating a significant military aid package from the United States, which has been delayed due to political deadlock in the U.S. Congress. President Zelenskyj remains hopeful, believing in a favorable outcome from the upcoming congressional vote.

The urgency of Ukraine’s situation was further underscored by Ukraine’s defense chief, Oleksandr Syrskyj, who recently pointed out the growing disparity in ammunition supplies between Ukraine and Russia.

As diplomatic efforts continue to secure the needed military aid, NATO’s 75th-anniversary celebrations also echoed the alliance's commitment to supporting Ukraine. U.S. NATO Ambassador Julianne Smith emphasized a "laser focus" on addressing Ukraine's immediate needs for ammunition and air defense capabilities.

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