Ukraine reports over 100 clashes in a day as Russian attacks intensify

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.30 - 2023 8:28 AM CET


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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has reported a significant increase in Russian military activities along the front lines.

In a single day, over 100 combat clashes were recorded, marking an escalation in the conflict.

According to the General Staff's Facebook page, the Russian invaders intensified attacks across all directions, with an alarming total of 101 clashes occurring in one day.

The Russians launched 11 missile and 28 air strikes, in addition to 43 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) attacks on Ukrainian positions and civilian areas.

Ukrainians advancing

The Ukrainian forces are also advancing in the Melitopol direction, continuing to inflict losses on the occupying forces along the entire frontline.

In the Kherson direction, Ukrainian forces maintain their positions on the left bank of the Dnieper, conducting counter-battery fighting and inflicting damage on the enemy's rear.

The operational situation in the Volyn and Polissya directions remains stable, without significant changes. In the Sivershchyna and Slobozhanshchyna directions,

Russian forces maintain a military presence, actively engaging in sabotage to hinder Ukrainian troop movements.

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Defense Forces conducted two strikes on areas of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment concentration, and two strikes on enemy anti-aircraft missile systems. Missile forces units targeted three control points, two ammunition depots, and two areas of enemy concentration.

The increase in Russian attacks and Ukrainian countermeasures highlights the ongoing intensity and complexity of the conflict in the region.

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