Ukraine Seeks $60 Billion in Reparations for Ecological Damage From Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.09 - 2024 9:49 AM CET

Ukraine Seeks $60 Billion in Reparations for Ecological Damage From Russia.

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In the wake of Russia's latest shelling, Kyiv has witnessed a significant drop in air quality, triggering concerns and a robust response from Ukrainian authorities.

According to New Voice Ukraine, Presidential Office head Andriy Yermak reported the concerning environmental impact of the shelling, noting a surge in harmful substances in the air. "The air quality in Kyiv has severely worsened, laden with high concentrations of combustion products, chemicals, and dust," Yermak stated.

This environmental degradation has not only impacted the immediate air quality but has also led to substantial ecological harm. According to Yermak, the estimated damage to nature has soared beyond €56 billion (approximately $61.4 billion USD). This figure comes in the backdrop of over 3,300 documented legal cases, highlighting the extensive nature of the environmental impact.

In a decisive move, Ukraine is preparing to hold Russia accountable for the ecological destruction caused. Yermak underscored this intent, stressing Ukraine's commitment to seeking reparations for the environmental damage inflicted.

In a positive development, Yermak expressed gratitude towards the International Working Group for drafting the Treaty on Nature Conservation for Ukraine. He emphasized the treaty's significance, stating,

"This document is pivotal in addressing the war's adverse effects on nature, a concern not just for Ukraine but for the global community."

Yermak extended an invitation to the representatives of the International Working Group to visit Ukraine. The purpose of this visit is twofold: to partake in the public unveiling of the treaty and to formally present it to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Understanding the challenges ahead, Yermak acknowledged the need for international support in implementing the treaty both within Ukraine and globally.

"We are looking forward to your help and support," he said, anticipating fruitful discussions on further cooperation during their meeting in Kyiv.

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