Ukraine to Receive Czech-Coordinated Ammunition Bought Outside EU

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.01 - 2024 10:14 PM CET

Ukraine to Receive Czech-Coordinated Ammunition Bought Outside EU.

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Czechia is set to expedite the delivery of the first batch of 800,000 artillery shells to Ukraine, marking a significant step in support outside the European Union. This initiative, funded by various countries, is expected to see the initial shipment reaching Kyiv within weeks.

Collaborative Effort for Ukraine's Defense

Jan Jires, the Czech Republic's Director General for Defence Policy and Strategy, highlighted in a Bloomberg interview, as reported by European Pravda, that the initial supplies might be dispatched to Ukraine shortly. Czechia acts as an intermediary in this international effort, facilitating the procurement of 155-mm projectiles from third countries for Ukraine's defense.

Although Jires did not disclose the specific countries involved in funding or the sources of the ammunition stockpiles, he anticipated that this information would likely become public following the delivery.

A Demonstrative Initiative

The Czech-led initiative represents a proactive stance in supporting Ukraine, as Jires emphasized the action taken rather than awaiting decisions from the U.S. Congress, where additional aid for Ukraine faces hurdles.

At the Munich Security Conference, Czech President Petr Pavel announced the potential dispatch of up to 800,000 NATO standard caliber projectiles to Ukraine, pending financial support for the delivery. The Czech Defence Ministry has been coordinating this effort, securing preliminary commitments from Canada, Denmark, and other countries, some of whom wish to remain anonymous. The Netherlands also confirmed its participation, dedicating €250 million to the procurement effort.

This initiative underscores the international community's commitment to aiding Ukraine amidst its ongoing defense efforts, with Czechia playing a pivotal role in mobilizing support and resources from across the globe.

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