Ukraine's Black Sea grain corridor grinds to a halt – Find out what Russia did this time

Written by Jeppe W

Oct.26 - 2023 2:24 PM CET


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In a sudden development on October 26, 2023, Ukraine announced the suspension of operations in the new Black Sea grain corridor, attributing the halt to threats posed by Russian military aircraft.

This critical decision was reported by Barva Invest, referencing a notice from the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) issued on the evening of October 25.

The grain corridor, a vital passage for shipping agricultural products, has experienced de facto suspension over the last two days, prompted by military orders.

The officials justified their decision, citing an "explosive threat" linked to heightened activity by Russian aviation in the area.

The initial suspension is set for October 26, with the possibility of extension depending on how the situation unfolds. "The current ban applies to October 26, but it is possible that it will be extended," stated a representative from Barva Invest.

The unexpected halt poses significant implications, particularly for vessels caught in the disruption. Barva Invest anticipates vessel demurrage, expressing concern over the predictability of operations in the region.

The firm foresees a ripple effect, expecting a backlash from the business community due to the unplanned downtime, with costs likely trickling down the logistics chain.

"Those market participants who are now paying money for downtime from their own pockets, with further activities in Ukraine, will lay down these risks and shift additional costs down the logistics chain," Barva Invest predicts.

The firm also highlighted the potential impact on producers, noting, "As always, as a result, the manufacturer will feel this at the level of the purchase price."

The suspension of the grain corridor marks a significant setback in the region’s agricultural trade, underlining the ongoing tension between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The situation remains fluid, with stakeholders closely monitoring developments as they unfold.

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