Ukraine's Plea for More Aid: 'We Don't Receive Enough Weapons to Regain our Territories'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.16 - 2024 2:45 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Ukraine's Plea for More Aid.

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In an interview with ALDE Party Vice-President and Ukrainian MP Kira Rudik, she emphasizes the need for a strategic shift in support for Ukraine.

Despite the ongoing war, Rudik highlights that the current approach of some partners, providing limited weapons and support, is insufficient for Ukraine to reclaim its territories and achieve victory.

She stresses the importance of transforming the strategy from merely allowing Ukraine to fight to enabling it to win.

Rudik's message to political leaders is clear: "For as long as it takes is now."

"The war is not over – we continue fighting every day. But the strategy of allowing us to fight needs to shift to allowing us to win. The challenge we face is the strategy some of our partners have: we receive some weapons but not enough weapons that would allow us to regain our territories. We receive some support but not the kind of support that could take us to the winning moment. One of the toughest things is visiting the front line and talking with the soldiers, explaining them the political situation and why there are delays in support deliveries." she states in the interview.

This call to action is crucial for Ukraine's fight against the aggressor and for the future of the country's sovereignty and integrity.

The interview also touches on the impact of war on female leadership, with Rudik advocating for more female leaders and highlighting how wars can push for equality by necessitating women to take on roles typically reserved for men. She proudly notes the significant involvement of women in various roles supporting Ukraine, from the front lines to economic and humanitarian areas.

Her message is a rallying cry for a more effective strategy that goes beyond mere survival to achieving a definitive victory.

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