Ukrainian blogger arrested for compromising air defense on social media

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.29 - 2023 12:24 PM CET


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A recent operation by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has led to the detention of a recidivist blogger in Odesa for compromising air defense operations.

The individual, identified as 35-year-old Andriy Malykhin, had previously served a sentence for theft and robbery.

He garnered attention by posting a video on TikTok on the night of November 5th, showing the workings of Ukrainian air defense systems.

This move by Malykhin was an attempt to gain popularity and increase his social media following. However, the act posed a significant security risk.

The video not only showed the operation of the air defense but also disclosed the exact time and location of the shooting.

The content quickly gained traction on TikTok and fell into the hands of Russian special services. This information could have been exploited by the aggressors to fine-tune subsequent missile strikes and deploy Shahed-type kamikaze drones against the city.

The SSU's prompt action in apprehending Malykhin prevented potential misuse of this sensitive information.

The case underscores the importance of operational security and the dangers of irresponsible social media use during a conflict. The Ukrainian authorities continue to monitor online platforms to prevent such breaches, which can endanger national security and the effectiveness of defense operations.

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