Ukrainian Drone Strike Ignites Oil Depot Fire in Central Russia

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.28 - 2024 10:08 AM CET

A Ukrainian drone strike ignites an oil depot fire in Russia.

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A Ukrainian drone strike set an oil depot ablaze in Russia's central Tambov region early Friday morning. Regional authorities confirmed the incident.

According to Moscow Times, the attack occurred at approximately 4:35 am local time, as reported by Tambov region Governor Maxim Yegorov.

"A small fire broke out and it has been contained," Yegorov stated on Telegram, emphasizing that no casualties resulted from the strike.

The quick response from emergency services ensured that the fire was brought under control before it could cause extensive damage.

The Russian Defense Ministry also reported overnight activity, claiming to have intercepted 25 Ukrainian drones across various regions.

However, the ministry's statement did not include details of the Tambov region incident, suggesting a possible gap in official communications or an attempt to downplay the event.

Further to the west, in the Bryansk region, Governor Alexander Bogomaz reported another drone-related incident. According to Bogomaz, a drone was successfully downed, but falling debris from the interception caused partial destruction to the roof of an administrative building.

The Ukrainian government has not yet issued a statement regarding these drone strikes.