Incredible footage: Ukrainian filmmaker captures fight against Russian tanks in Avdiivka

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.24 - 2023 9:31 AM CET


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Ukrainian filmmaker and soldier Oleg Sentsov recently shared a harrowing video of trench warfare near Avdiivka.

The footage, spanning over 30 minutes, is believed to have been recorded on GoPro cameras, vividly capturing the intense and prolonged battle between Ukrainian defenders and Russian forces attempting to storm their positions.

The video, which was also shared by Ukrainian journalist Anton Gerashchenko on X, is set at dawn during one of the autumn days near Avdiivka.

Throughout the recording, the proximity of the Russian forces is palpably felt, with mentions of the enemy being as close as 15 meters away. Continuous gunfire forms the audio backdrop for all trench conversations and radio communications.

Ukrainian soldiers in a dire situation

The footage reveals the dire situation of the Ukrainian soldiers, with three out of thirteen personnel, including Sentsov, suffering injuries.

A particularly severe injury is highlighted, where a soldier is wounded in the legs. Despite the chaos and danger, a female soldier can be heard providing assistance to the wounded, amidst cries of "We are surrounded, tanks are firing at us!"

Sentsov, known by his call sign "Grunt", coordinates with his team over the radio, discussing tank movements and their subsequent actions.

The decision to retreat is taken with a strategic plan to move in two groups – the first consisting of six soldiers with the wounded and the latter seven providing cover before retreating themselves.

One poignant moment in the video shows a wounded soldier insisting on being left behind, stating, "You're going to leave without me, I'm staying, because it's not serious." However, Sentsov firmly decides, "We'll carry you... We'll take you out," emphasizing the soldiers' commitment to not leave anyone behind.

The video concludes with the group successfully retreating to armored vehicles and transferring the wounded to medics who were waiting on the road.

Watch the video right here: