Major blow to Russian invaders

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 8:10 AM CET


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In a remarkable display of resilience and military prowess, the Defense Forces of Ukraine have achieved substantial success against invading forces on their soil.

According to a recent report by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, shared via Facebook, the Ukrainian military has made significant strides in repelling enemy advances.

The report details the achievements over the past day, highlighting the elimination of 780 enemy combatants.

In addition to this considerable toll on enemy personnel, the Ukrainian forces have also succeeded in destroying a significant amount of military hardware.

This includes 29 enemy artillery systems, 22 armored personnel carriers, and 8 tanks.

These latest achievements contribute to the cumulative combat losses of the enemy since 24th February 2022. The estimated losses are staggering, with approximately 307,640 personnel, 5,301 tanks, 9,996 armored combat vehicles, and 7,439 artillery systems.

The report also includes losses in multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS), air defense systems, UAVs, cruise missiles, and various other military equipment.

This update from the Ukrainian Defense Forces is a testament to their determination and capability in the face of aggression. The data, which is still being clarified, underscores the heavy toll the conflict has taken on the invading forces.

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