Ukrainian forces report significant losses for Russian troops

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.09 - 2023 5:42 PM CET

Foto: Jumpstory
Foto: Jumpstory
In a recent update, Ukrainian defense forces have reported the elimination of 600 Russian invaders within a single day. This brings the total number of Russian casualties since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine to an astounding 268,140.

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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine provided a detailed breakdown of the Russian military's losses from 24th February 2022 to 9th September 2023. The figures indicate the following:

  • A total of 268,140 military personnel, with the latest count being an additional 600.

  • 4,544 tanks, with 15 more destroyed recently.

  • 8,739 armored combat vehicles, with a recent loss of 13.

  • 5,789 artillery systems, with an addition of 36 lost in the latest count.

  • 757 multiple-launch rocket systems, with the latest figures showing a loss of 3.

  • 508 air defense systems, with one more reported destroyed recently.

  • 315 fixed-wing aircraft and 316 helicopters, with no recent losses reported.

  • 4,588 tactical UAVs, with 18 more lost recently.

  • 1,455 cruise missiles, with no recent losses.

  • 19 ships and boats, with no recent losses.

  • 8,298 vehicles and tankers, with a recent loss of 34.

  • 870 other vehicles and equipment, with 10 more reported lost recently.

The data is continually being updated to reflect the most accurate numbers.

Det skriver Ukrainska Pravda.

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