Ukrainian Forces Successfully Counter Russian Drone Strikes

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.08 - 2024 7:52 AM CET

Ukrainian forces successfully neutralize a significant number of Russian drones, mitigating the impact of attacks in multiple regions despite some infrastructure damages.

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the Ukrainian Air Force successfully intercepted and destroyed 17 Russian "Shahed" drones during the night of April 8, across five different regions.

The coordinated attacks, originating from Crimea, Kursk, and Yeisk, targeted several Ukrainian regions, resulting in infrastructure damage in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions despite the successful downing of the drones.

The attacks involved a combination of "Shahed-131/136" type UAVs and a Kh-59 guided air missile, launched from the airspace of the occupied Zaporizhzhia region. Ukrainian defense forces, comprising fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft missile units, mobile fire groups, and radio-electronic warfare teams, were pivotal in repelling the air assault.

In Odesa, despite the Air Force's efforts, which saw four drones neutralized, infrastructure suffered as a logistics and transport object was hit, and a gas station was damaged by falling debris. No casualties were reported in the incident.

Mykolaiv region also faced challenges as the wreckage of downed "Shahed" drones disrupted power lines in the Voznesensk district, leaving 14 settlements fully and another partially without electricity. Efforts to restore power are currently underway, with no reported casualties.

Kirovohrad region saw a more fortunate outcome, with a "Shahed" UAV being shot down without causing any casualties or damage.

The previous night's engagement is part of a larger pattern of aerial confrontations, with the General Staff of Ukraine reporting the destruction of 17 out of 24 enemy attack drones launched over Ukraine.

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