Ukrainian Journalist Claims: Putin's Goal Extends Beyond Mariupol to Pushing Russian Tanks to Western Borders

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.16 - 2024 1:30 PM CET

Photo: Aynur Mammadov /
Photo: Aynur Mammadov /
A Ukrainian journalist asserts that Putin's objective with Mariupol was to position Russian tanks close to the Western borders

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In a revealing interview for Aktuality, a Ukrainian journalist, Roman Romanyuk, sheds light on Vladimir Putin's ambitions, asserting that the Russian President's military incursions are not merely about territorial conquests like Mariupol, but are aimed at pushing Russian tanks to the western borders of Ukraine.

The journalist, underscoring the stakes of the conflict, stated,

"If Vladimir Putin does not succeed in occupying all of Ukraine, he will seek conquest elsewhere, in another country." This stark revelation comes at a time when Europe watches warily the unfolding events in Ukraine, reflecting broader implications for regional stability.

Undermining Ukraine Could Lead to Wider Aggression

The dismissal of military command by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the pivotal role of allied support are highlighted as crucial elements in preventing a Russian advance.

"Without the support of allies, Russians would reach the western borders of Ukraine," the journalist notes, underscoring the dire consequences of waning assistance.

The journalist also points to the controversial figures of Viktor Orbán and Robert Fico, suggesting their political stances may inadvertently aid Moscow's agenda.

"If the Russians were to attack Latvia, they might be the ones arguing for consultation and negotiation – especially not to shoot. And Latvia will turn into one big Buča for the time being," remarks the journalist.

Explaining President Zelenskyy's frequent engagements with foreign journalists, Romanyuk emphasizes the necessity of global communication in the face of aggression. "Russia's war against Ukraine is a global problem," he asserts, justifying the Ukrainian president's prioritization of international media to articulate Ukraine's plight and rally global support.

This interview, revealing both the strategic and communicative challenges faced by Ukraine in its struggle against Russian aggression, underscores the multifaceted nature of the conflict and its implications beyond Ukraine's borders.

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