Ukrainian Politician Shares Images After Attack: 'Russia, You Will Pay for This'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.02 - 2024 9:54 AM CET

Photo: X
Photo: X
Ukrainian Politician Shares Images After Attack.

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In the wake of a barrage of Russian missile attacks that struck Ukraine overnight and into the morning, causing explosions and destruction in various locations, Ukrainian politician Kira Rudik shared images of the aftermath in her home.

Rudik, who is the leader of the liberal, pro-European opposition party Holos, posted the images on the social media platform X.

The photos depict the damage to her home, with glass doors torn off their hinges, shattered windows, and debris scattered across the floor.

Rudik wrote, "My home is now partially in ruins. I no longer have windows on one side," adding that she suffered minor injuries but is alive amidst widespread fires.

This attack comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin's warning of an "intensification" of the war. "We will intensify the attacks. No crime against humanity should go unpunished," Putin stated.

This followed a Ukrainian attack on the Russian city of Belgorod, which resulted in 25 deaths. The day before Ukraine's attack on Belgorod, Ukraine itself was the target of a large-scale attack, with 28 people killed in Kyiv alone, marking the deadliest attack on the city since the war began.

Rudik's defiant message to Russia in her post was clear: "Russia, you will pay for this."