Ukrainian President Zelensky Reveals His Personal Income for 2022

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.28 - 2024 8:09 PM CET

Ukrainian President Zelensky Reveals His Personal Income for 2022.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently disclosed his financial information for 2022, revealing a notable decrease in income compared to previous years. The mandatory declaration, made public on January 28, highlights the financial impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on the President's household.

The official statement from the presidential website details a reduction in household cash flow by UAH 1.8 million (approximately $47,500), bringing the total to UAH 3.7 million ($97,706) for 2022. This figure represents a significant drop from the $285,198 earned in 2021, which included nearly $141,278 from the sale of treasury bonds. Furthermore, the 2021 income itself was already about $314,827 less than what was earned in 2020.

Zelensky's lower income in 2022 is attributed to suspended rental agreements, a direct consequence of Russia’s full-scale invasion, affecting various income streams.

The declaration also reveals Zelensky's completion of the registration process for 22 trademarks in 2021, a project initiated well before his presidency. The report lists several dozen trademarks in total.

In terms of assets, there has been no change in Zelensky’s holdings. His declaration includes seven apartments and two vehicles, a Range Rover and a Mercedes. This latest financial disclosure offers a glimpse into the personal economic effects of the war on Ukraine's leader, underscoring the broader impact of the conflict on individuals and families.