Ukrainian resistance group launch devastating 'revenge' attack on Russian Officers in occupied city

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.17 - 2023 8:42 AM CET


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Ukraine: Resistance Fighters Launch Deadly Explosion, Russian Troops Targeted

Ukrainian resistance fighters in Melitopol staged a lethal explosion on November 11, 2022, claiming the lives of at least three Russian National Guard officials.

This attack, confirmed by Ukraine's Defense Ministry's intelligence branch, marks a notable escalation in the local resistance movement's activities.

Melitopol, a city of about 150,000 residents, fell to Russian forces early in the invasion, starting in February 2022.

Despite Ukraine's attempts to reclaim the city during its summer counter-offensive, Melitopol remains under Russian control, serving as a strategic route to the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia has occupied for nine years.

The Ukrainian intelligence statement, as reported by and Reuters, detailed the attack, noting the presence of Russian National Guard and FSB intelligence service officers at the targeted meeting.

The exact nature of the explosion remains unclear, with no immediate response from the Russian Defense Ministry.

This incident is not isolated, as resistance attacks have intensified in Russian-controlled areas. Similar raids have targeted Russian leaders and even stretched into Russian territory, demonstrating the resistance's growing audacity and reach.

The former mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Federov, expressed surprise at Russia's continued use of the city as a headquarters, given the rising frequency of such attacks.

He emphasized the enemy's failure to adapt to the evolving situation on the ground.

In a related incident, CBS News’ 60 Minutes reported on Russian soldiers targeting Melitopol’s museum for its collection of nearly 200 ancient gold artifacts. Museum director Leila Ibrahimova was kidnapped and interrogated by Russian troops in their search for the treasures.

Despite her refusal to cooperate, the artifacts reportedly fell into Russian hands, raising concerns of war crimes.

The conflict's toll extends beyond these direct confrontations.

The Guardian reported Russian shelling in Kherson, a recently liberated city in southern Ukraine, resulting in civilian casualties. The area, previously occupied by Russian fighters, has been witnessing sporadic violence, including a shooting incident in a Kherson suburb.

These developments, coupled with the resistance's growing boldness, underscore the complexity and intensity of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with both sides engaging in a relentless struggle for control and influence.

See Ukrainian soldiers attack Russian trenches near Bakhmut below:

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