Ukrainian soldier called Russian tech support because tank wouldn't work: You'll never guess what the tech supporter did

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.02 - 2023 7:54 AM CET

Photo: Wikipedia Commons
Photo: Wikipedia Commons
You'll never guess what the tech supporter did.

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In an unusual twist of events that could only happen in the modern age, a Ukrainian soldier found himself in a peculiar situation. While operating a captured Russian tank, he encountered technical difficulties that left him with no other option but to call Russian tech support for help.

The tank, which was captured by Ukrainian forces, was supposed to be a valuable asset in the ongoing conflict against Russia. However, the soldier soon realized that the tank was not functioning as it should. With limited options and time running out, he decided to take a risk that could have had severe consequences.

The Ukrainian soldier dialed the Russian tech support number, which was still visible inside the tank. To his surprise, the Russian tech supporter picked up the call. After explaining the situation, the soldier braced himself for a possible hostile reaction. However, what happened next was beyond anyone's expectations.

Instead of alerting authorities or hanging up, the Russian tech supporter decided to help. He guided the Ukrainian soldier through a series of steps to troubleshoot the tank's issues. Astonishingly, the tech support's guidance worked, and the tank was back in operation.

This incident has sparked a wide range of reactions online, from disbelief to admiration for the Russian tech supporter's professionalism. Some see it as a rare moment of humanity in a conflict that has been marked by hostility and tragedy.

You can watch the Ukrainian soldier's call for help in the video below