Unexploded Bomb Dropped by Russian Aircraft in Occupied Luhansk Oblast

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.02 - 2024 1:11 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Unexploded Bomb Dropped by Russian Aircraft in Occupied Luhansk Oblast.

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In a recent incident in the temporarily occupied Luhansk oblast, a Russian military aircraft inadvertently released a FAB-500 bomb above the town of Zymohiria, as disclosed by the Russian Telegram channel Astra on February 2nd.

The unexploded ordinance landed on Parkhomenko Street, where it was discovered by local residents on February 1st. Following the discovery, the inhabitants of the area were promptly evacuated, with plans to neutralize the bomb scheduled for the following day, as reported by Russian sources.

This event marks another in a series of unintended bomb releases over the occupied Luhansk oblast within the past month. Previously, on January 8th, a Russian warplane accidentally dropped a FAB-250 aircraft bomb on Rubizhne, another town under temporary occupation in the Luhansk oblast. The Russian forces described the occurrence as an accidental incident.

The bomb fell on a section of the city that had remained largely unscathed from the conflicts in 2022, according to Artem Lysohor, the Luhansk regional governor. In a separate but related incident at the end of January, two FAB-250 bombs were "unexpectedly" dislodged from Russian military aircraft over the Belgorod oblast.

Russian authorities stated that these bombs did not detonate upon impact, and their forces successfully disarmed them.