US Denies Involvement in Moscow Attack: Labels Russian Claims as Propaganda

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.27 - 2024 8:17 AM CET

Photo: State Department Daily Briefing
Photo: State Department Daily Briefing
The State Department denied the involvement of the USA and Ukraine in the terrorist attack near Moscow.

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The US State Department has refuted claims by Alexander Bortnikov, head of Russia's FSB, that the United States, Great Britain, and Ukraine were behind a terrorist attack in a Moscow suburb, dismissing these allegations as unfounded and mere propaganda.

During a briefing, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stated, "We've made it very clear that there is no evidence that Ukraine was involved in this, because Ukraine was not involved in this. And I would say that these comments by Russian officials, including President Putin, are only propaganda to justify their further aggression against Ukraine."

This response comes after Bortnikov affirmed the involvement of the United States, Great Britain, and Ukraine in the attack.

However, reports from Bloomberg suggest that some within Vladimir Putin's inner circle disagree with the assertion of Ukraine's involvement in the March 22 attack at Crocus City Hall.

Furthermore, Britain's Foreign Secretary David Cameron has dismissed Bortnikov's statement as nonsensical. John Kirby, a strategic communication coordinator for the White House National Security Council, also rejected Russia's claim linking the attack to Ukraine.

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