US rejects Putin's proposal

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.14 - 2024 10:39 AM CET

Photo: Sebastian Castelier /
Photo: Sebastian Castelier /
US Rejects Putin's Ceasefire Proposal in Ukraine Conflict

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Recent reports reveal the United States declined a ceasefire offer from Russian President Vladimir Putin amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, despite mediation efforts aimed at halting the war.

Diplomatic Efforts Fall Short

In late 2023, attempts to mediate between Russia and the US occurred in Türkiye, aiming to de-escalate the situation in Ukraine. Despite Russia initiating unofficial talks through intermediaries, as reported by Reuters citing Russian sources, a US official was reportedly unaware of such discussions.

Key US figures, including Jake Sullivan, Bill Burns, and Antony Blinken, were involved. Sullivan's planned discussion with Putin's adviser, Yuri Ushakov, was intended to explore next steps but reportedly focused on other bilateral issues instead of a ceasefire, highlighting the US's refusal to bypass Ukraine in peace talks.

Stalemate in Negotiations

The talks hit a roadblock when Sullivan, in a January call, reportedly informed Ushakov that the US would discuss various relationship aspects but not a ceasefire excluding Ukraine.

"The contacts with the Americans came to nothing," a senior Russian source disclosed.

Another Russian source added that the US's insistence on Ukraine's participation led to the collapse of the talks.

No Progress in Sight

Despite Putin's alleged readiness to negotiate a ceasefire, the impasse suggests a prolonged conflict, with the Kremlin seeing no further point in discussions with the US.

Both sides remain at a standstill, with the US explicitly stating its refusal to conduct talks without Ukraine's involvement or to compromise on Ukrainian territory.

The Kremlin, White House, US State Department, and CIA have all refrained from commenting on the matter.

A US official emphasized the non-involvement in unofficial talks and the unchanged stance on not negotiating Ukraine's future without its consent.