US Unit Bombed in Jordan: Strong and Swift Response Promised After 3 Soldiers Killed

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.28 - 2024 9:39 PM CET

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Strong and Swift Response Promised After 3 Soldiers Killed.

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On the evening of January 28, a significant incident occurred when a US military outpost in Jordan was attacked, reportedly by drone strikes.

US defense officials have indicated that the strikes were carried out by Syrian militants allegedly backed by Iran. This event marks a critical escalation in the region.

The attack targeted multiple American bases in Syria and Jordan, but the "Tower" 22 base in northeastern Jordan was the only one to suffer casualties. Tragically, three American soldiers lost their lives, and at least 34 were injured in the bombardment.

Labeling the attack as the most significant escalation by Iran since the "Operation Martyr Soleimani," which was a ballistic missile attack by the IRGC against American forces at Al-Asad Air Base in Western Iraq in January 2020, US defense officials have conveyed a stern message.

The US and its allies, according to the statement, are prepared to respond "strongly and swiftly" not only against the Iran-backed groups but also against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran.

This recent development signals a heightened level of tension and the possibility of further military engagement in the region.

The US's commitment to a strong and rapid response underlines the seriousness with which it views the security of its forces and interests in the Middle East.

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