USA Criticizes Hungary's Viktor Orbán

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.27 - 2024 9:30 AM CET

USA Criticizes Hungary's Viktor Orbán.

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The international community's patience with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is dwindling, as indicated by recent developments in EU and US relations with Hungary.

EU Considering Historic Action Against Hungary

According to sources cited by Politico on Friday morning, the European Union is contemplating a historic and forceful action against Hungary. This comes in response to Hungary's continued obstruction of a significant aid package for Ukraine.

EU leaders are reportedly mulling over the activation of Article 7 against Hungary, which would effectively block the country from voting on EU decisions.

US Joins in Criticism

The United States has now joined the chorus of criticism against Hungary. In a notable departure from diplomatic norms, David Pressman, the US Ambassador to Hungary, openly criticized Orbán's policies in an interview with the Financial Times.

Pressman's remarks were unusually direct, highlighting Hungary's isolation in the international arena. He described the Hungarian government's foreign policy as mere "fantasies," focusing on imagined threats from "imperialists, colonialists, Brussels, and George Soros," all allegedly attempting to influence Hungary's domestic politics.

Accusations of Election Interference

Pressman went on to accuse Hungary of attempting to interfere in the American presidential election. He specifically mentioned Orbán's open support for Donald Trump and calls for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the election.

"The bilateral relationship between the US and Hungary is extremely strained," Pressman stated, highlighting the uncharacteristic nature of such comments from an allied nation.

Sweden's NATO Application Delayed

The ambassador also accused Orbán of serving Russian President Vladimir Putin's interests and hindering NATO by delaying the ratification of Sweden's application to the defense alliance.

"We are disappointed that it has taken so long and look forward to Hungary fulfilling its commitments to the US and its other allies," Pressman remarked.

Concerns Over Hungary's Actions

Concluding his statement, Pressman expressed hope for improved relations between the US and Hungary. However, he pointed out several current obstacles, including Hungary's blocking of EU support for Ukraine, Orbán's discussions with Putin, and the country's continued purchase of Russian energy.

"These are worrying signs," the ambassador emphasized, reflecting the growing international frustration with Hungary's actions under Orbán's leadership.