Verdict Delivered: Major Defeat for Trump

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.27 - 2024 8:21 AM CET

The verdict has been delivered.

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Donald Trump will forever remember the day he was ordered to pay $83 million to author Jean Carroll.

The former U.S. President was not present when the verdict was announced.

The trial revolved around whether Donald Trump should pay damages for defaming Jean Carroll after he declared in 2019 that he had not sexually assaulted her.

The focus of the case was not on the incident itself, but rather on determining the amount Trump should pay in damages to Carroll.

Last year, it was already established in court that Trump was responsible for both the sexual abuse of Carroll and subsequent defamation.

Carroll had demanded at least $24 million from Trump after he denied raping her.

It was during the closing argument of Carroll's lawyer, who urged the jury to penalize Trump for repeatedly lying about his client and tarnishing her reputation as a journalist, that the former president chose to leave the court early, according to Sky News.

Trump had accused Carroll, among other things, of fabricating the story to boost sales of her memoir.