Footage from IDF uncovers Hamas command tunnel under Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.23 - 2023 3:27 PM CET


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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have released a remarkable video showcasing the interior of a Hamas tunnel located beneath the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. This revelation sheds light on the sophisticated infrastructure employed by Hamas fighters.

The video tour, led by an IDF spokesperson, reveals the tunnel's extensive features, including a bathroom, kitchen, and an air-conditioned meeting room.

Standing at approximately two meters high, the tunnel is part of a network designed for strategic military use.

One of the most striking aspects of this discovery is the tunnel's location beneath a major hospital complex. Al-Shifa hospital, a site previously thronged with Palestinian civilians, housed the entrance to the tunnel, cleverly concealed in its outdoor grounds.

The IDF has identified this tunnel as a critical command post for Hamas fighters. This development underlines the complex and challenging nature of urban warfare, where military targets and civilian infrastructure intertwine.

The release of this video by the IDF aims to provide concrete evidence of the tactics employed by Hamas in the densely populated areas of Gaza. It also raises concerns about the use of civilian structures for military purposes, a practice that poses significant risks to non-combatants in conflict zones.

See it right below: IDF releases video from inside Hamas tunnel underneath al-Shifa hospital in Gaza