Video: Russian Forces Destroy Ukrainian Krab Howitzer Using Advanced Weapons

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.08 - 2024 11:35 AM CET

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Russian Forces Destroy Ukrainian Krab Howitzer Using Advanced Weapons.

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A video surfacing online showcases a successful Russian attack on a Ukrainian unit, employing a powerful Krab gun-howitzer. The incident marks another loss of the important weapon, which has been extensively lauded by the Ukrainian military and experts for its effectiveness.

The Ukrainian unit attempted to conceal itself and the Krab within a structure. Nevertheless, Russian drones, conducting reconnaissance over the area, swiftly located them. A subsequent airstrike, utilizing FAB-250 glide bombs, was carried out by the invaders, leading to the Krab's destruction.

Krab Falls to Russian Tactics

The primary arsenal against the Krabs includes the Lancet kamikaze drones, which have been involved in several documented assaults in recent months. Despite their modest size and a warhead weighing roughly 3 kg, these drones can inflict substantial damage, especially when targeting the Krab's ammunition.

The recently employed FAB-250 glide bombs exhibit significantly greater destructive capabilities, as evident in footage now circulating on social media. Originating from Soviet times, these bombs weigh 250 kg, including an explosive charge of about 100 kg and a diameter of 0.3 m.

Reports from American and Ukrainian intelligence highlight the escalating deployment of such bombs by Russian forces. In addition to the FAB-250, the arsenal also comprises larger FAB-500 and FAB-1500 bombs, weighing 500 kg and 1,500 kg, respectively. The Russians recently utilized an FAB-1500 in an assault within the Kherson Oblast.

The Impact of Losing Krabs

For Ukraine, the loss of a Krab howitzer signifies a considerable setback. The country has frequently accentuated the weapon's paramount importance among the armaments received from Western allies.

Some even attribute the Krabs with turning the tide on the frontline, inflicting substantial losses on Russian forces. Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zwarycz, echoed this sentiment in one of his interviews, highlighting the crucial role of the Krabs in the conflict.

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