Video shows Marrakech in turmoil as residents scramble for safety after major quake

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.10 - 2023 7:02 AM CET

Photo: Screenshot, Youtube-video
Photo: Screenshot, Youtube-video
The picturesque city of Marrakech, a popular tourist destination in Morocco, was recently thrown into chaos. A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck, sending shockwaves through the city and its surrounding areas. Now more than 2,000 fatalities have been recorded.e

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The quake's epicenter was located in Morocco's High Atlas mountain range, a region known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history.

As reported by CNN, the aftermath of the earthquake saw residents of Marrakech taking drastic measures to ensure their safety. Many set up makeshift beds in open areas across the city, choosing to spend the night outdoors rather than risk the dangers of aftershocks within their homes. This decision underscores the severity of the situation and the palpable fear felt by the city's inhabitants.

The video footage, captured by CNN's Sam Kiley, paints a vivid picture of the panic and distress experienced by the people of Marrakech. The streets, usually bustling with activity, were filled with residents running in all directions, desperately seeking safe ground. The tremors disrupted the daily lives of thousands, leaving them with no choice but to adapt to the unexpected circumstances.

Earthquakes, while not uncommon in certain parts of the world, can have devastating effects on densely populated urban areas. The infrastructure damage, potential loss of life, and the psychological impact on survivors can be overwhelming. Marrakech, with its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks, now faces the challenge of assessing the damage and initiating recovery efforts.

The international community has expressed its solidarity with Morocco during this trying time. Aid agencies and neighboring countries have offered assistance in the form of relief materials, technical expertise, and financial support. The resilience of the Moroccan people will undoubtedly be tested in the coming days, but with the support of the global community, they are poised to overcome this adversity.

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