Video: Tragic Incident at Hungarian Rally Race Results in Casualties

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.25 - 2024 7:46 AM CET

Photo: Wirestock Creators /
Photo: Wirestock Creators /
In Hungary, a rally car flew into spectators.

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During a rally race in Hungary on Sunday, an accident occurred when a rally car veered off the course and struck a group of spectators, resulting in the death of four individuals and injuries to several others, as reported by Hungarian authorities.

The accident occurred between the settlements of Labatlan and Bayot, situated near the Danube River in northwestern Hungary.

Footage circulated on social media captures the moment the vehicle lost control on the asphalt, careening into the crowd assembled to witness the race.

In response to the emergency, the National Ambulance Service of Hungary dispatched eight ambulances and four helicopters to provide immediate assistance at the scene.

Among the injured, two individuals, including a child, sustained serious injuries, while six others, also including a child, received medical attention for minor injuries at a hospital.

The race's organizing body, the Arrabona Rally Club, issued a brief announcement via social media, stating that the event was halted following the accident during the Labatlan-Baina stage.

This incident follows recent accidents elsewhere, including a vehicle striking pedestrians in Berlin, leading to serious injuries for a mother and child, and a multi-car collision in Ankara involving 26 vehicles.

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