Video: Ukrainian female medic stand against Russian tanks

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.28 - 2023 10:09 AM CET


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Recently surfaced intense first-person footage provides a gripping insight into the brutality of trench warfare in Ukraine. Captured by a female soldier from the 47th Brigade, the video portrays a fierce fight in Avdiivka.

The footage shows Ukrainian troops engaged in a relentless battle near a narrow trench, with heavy machine gun fire and grenades heightening the danger.

The soldiers, confined to fighting in a single-file due to the trench's constriction, face a formidable Russian onslaught involving shells and heavy artillery.

Amid the chaos, the female soldier, a combat medic, leaps into action. Displaying remarkable composure, she tends to her injured comrades with essential first-aid, even as the peril escalates.

Tank Onslaught

The situation intensifies when a Russian tank targets their position, forcing the squad into a precarious retreat. Hidden within the trench, they narrowly escape detection. In a tense moment, they brace for a possible impact as the tank draws near, but fortuitously, it moves past them.

Seizing the opportunity, the medic assists her wounded comrade in escaping through dense woodland amidst a hail of Russian fire.

They manage to board an armored vehicle, enduring a barrage of bullets during their desperate flight to safety. The video concludes with the arrival at a medical facility, where the injured soldier receives critical care.

This harrowing footage not only sheds light on the grueling conditions of the Ukrainian conflict but also spotlights the extraordinary bravery of the female medic. Her actions are a testament to the resilience and determination of Ukrainian forces in the face of intense adversities.

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