Volcanic Alert: Hundreds Flee as Indonesia’s Ruang Volcano Erupts

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.17 - 2024 11:59 AM CET

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube
Lava and ash clouds force mass evacuations on Ruang Island, Indonesia, as the volcano shows increased activity.

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Indonesia's Ruang volcano, located in North Sulawesi province, has prompted the evacuation of at least 800 residents following multiple eruptions that began on Tuesday, April 16.

According to reports from CNA, the volcanic activity has led to emissions of lava and ash, causing local authorities to raise safety alerts.

Eruptions Intensify

Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari, an official from Indonesia's Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), confirmed that the unrest at Ruang volcano has intensified, with explosive eruptions sending hot clouds up to 1.8 kilometers into the air.

The volcanic alert level has been elevated to the second highest as a precaution.

"The geological instability, triggered by recent earthquakes on Ruang Island, has necessitated immediate and decisive evacuation measures," Purnamasari explained.

Residents have been advised to stay at least four kilometers away from the volcano’s crater.

Visual reports show dramatic scenes of red lava flowing down the mountain sides, illuminating the night sky and reflecting in the waters below, while thick gray ash clouds hover above.

These developments have led to the relocation of nearly all of Ruang Island’s 838 residents to Tagulandang, a nearby island, ensuring their safety as the situation unfolds.

Geological Significance

Indonesia, located on the "Pacific Ring of Fire," is prone to seismic activities including earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to its position on multiple tectonic plates.

The country's geography makes it one of the most volatile regions for natural disasters.

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