Waitress called him 'Sweetheart,' but his wife wasn't having It

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.04 - 2023 6:30 PM CET

Photo: Reddit
Photo: Reddit
His wife wasn't having It.

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In a recent incident that has ignited conversations about tipping culture in the United States, a waitress received a rather unfriendly note instead of a tip. The bill, which totaled $32.76 (£26) was shared on Reddit and quickly went viral.

The customer, apparently unhappy with the waitress calling her husband "sweetheart," left a note in the tip field that read, "don't call my husband sweetheart." No additional money was left for the waitress.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some people siding with the waitress and criticizing the customer for her behavior.

One Reddit user commented, "What an insecure b*tch," while another argued that tipping should be abolished altogether and that servers should be paid a living wage.

Photo: Reddit

The incident also led to discussions about the nuances of customer service. One former waitress shared her experience, stating that the quality of the tip often depended on how well she got along with the wives or girlfriends of male customers.

She emphasized the importance of not making anyone feel disrespected.

Some social media users speculated that the incident might have occurred in the South, where terms of endearment like "sweetheart" are commonly used. One commenter noted, "If you're in the South, everyone is 'sweetheart.'"