Watch: Devastating Explosion of a 3-Ton Bomb in Russian Attack on Kharkiv

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.22 - 2024 10:40 AM CET

Foto: X
Foto: X
A massive Russian bomb explodes in Kharkiv.

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A Russian 3-ton bomb exploded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, marking the first deployment of such a massive weapon in the conflict.

Social media footage captured the dramatic moment, sparking widespread concern and condemnation. This incident underscores the escalating intensity of the war.

Explosive Footage Shakes Social Media

Videos posted on various platforms show the precise moment the bomb, identified as the FAB-3000, detonates in Kharkiv's Liptsi village.

The footage, reportedly captured by a drone, reveals a powerful blast near a long building believed to be a hospital used by Ukrainian forces. The explosion pulverized everything in its vicinity, showcasing the bomb's devastating power.

Pro-Kremlin sources and Russian Telegram channels confirmed this is the first time Russia has used the FAB-3000 bomb in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Anton Gerashchenko highlighted these claims on his social media, pointing out the severe escalation in military tactics.

The initial explosion in Liptsi was followed by a second strike in the same area, further intensifying the situation.

The use of such heavy weaponry has alarmed both local and international communities, raising questions about the future of the conflict and the potential for further escalation.

The bomb's proximity to what is believed to be a hospital raises significant concerns about civilian casualties and the targeting of critical infrastructure.