Watch: Nevada Judge Getting Assaulted in Courtroom by Defendant

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.05 - 2024 10:07 AM CET


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In a shocking incident at a Clark County district court in Las Vegas, Nevada, Judge Mary Kay Holthus was violently attacked by a defendant immediately after she denied his request for probation, reports CNN.

The defendant, identified as Deobra Redden, was in court for sentencing on a charge of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm.

During the hearing, Redden and his attorney requested probation, citing his efforts to get his life back on track with a new job and plans for education. However, after Judge Holthus reviewed Redden's extensive criminal history, including multiple felonies and domestic violence charges, she decided against probation.

In response, Redden verbally abused the judge and launched a physical attack, leaping over the bench and tackling Judge Holthus to the ground. The assault continued with Redden throwing punches at others who tried to restrain him.

The attack left Judge Holthus with injuries, although she was able to return to work the following day, albeit sore and stiff. The courtroom marshal suffered a head injury and was hospitalized along with a law clerk who sustained a hand abrasion; both were later released.

In the aftermath of the attack, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson commended the bravery of the staff and law enforcement who subdued Redden. The court is reviewing its security protocols and is in discussions with its security contractor to enhance court safety.

Redden is now facing additional charges, including seven counts of battery on a protected person. He refused transport to his scheduled court appearance on Thursday, with his next court date set for the following Tuesday. The district attorney's office is considering further charges related to the courtroom attack.

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