Watch: Russian offensive backfires as Ukrainian soldiers eliminate enemy tanks in brutal counter

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.22 - 2023 3:10 PM CET


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In a gripping display of military confrontation, recent footage emerging from the Donetsk region has revealed the intense dynamics of the ongoing conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Filmed in early October, the video captures the beginning of a Russian offensive, a critical moment in the ongoing tensions in Eastern Europe.

The footage starts with a scene of Russian armored vehicles, including tanks, steadily advancing towards the battlefront.

The tension is palpable as these units move in a calculated formation, ready to engage. However, the scenario takes a dramatic turn as Ukrainian artillery enters the frame.

One by one, the Russian tanks are targeted and hit, sending plumes of smoke into the air - a stark visual testament to the accuracy and power of the Ukrainian response.

Ukrainian counterattack

As the Ukrainian counterattack intensifies, the Russian troops are seen in a state of disarray.

The once organized and forward-moving units are now in retreat, scrambling to find safety away from the relentless artillery fire. The chaos of the battlefield is vividly captured as the troops attempt to navigate the perilous situation.

A particularly heart-stopping moment in the video shows a Russian soldier narrowly escaping a tragic fate. In the midst of the retreat, the soldier falls off his Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) and comes dangerously close to being run over by his own unit.

This incident underscores the chaos and unpredictability of warfare, where every soldier faces imminent risks beyond the enemy's fire.

The footage has quickly gone viral, drawing attention from around the world. It serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, a conflict marked by such intense and dramatic moments.

Watch the Russian offensive backfire as Ukrainian soldiers the eliminate enemy tank, right here: