Watch: Ukrainian airstrike forces Russian troops to flee from battlefield

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.20 - 2023 8:47 AM CET


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In a dramatic turn of events near Bakhmut, Ukraine's Third Assault Brigade engaged Russian forces in a tense trench battle, captured in a recently surfaced YouTube video from Daily Mail

The footage showcases Ukrainian fighters emerging from a combat vehicle, opening fire against Russian soldiers entrenched nearby. The confrontation escalated rapidly with an airstrike devastating Russian trenches, a strategic move that turned the tide in Ukraine's favor.

As the bombardment shattered the enemy's defenses, Ukrainian troops advanced with rifles in hand, pushing the Russian infantry back.

The relentless Ukrainian offensive drove the Russian soldiers into a forest strip, charred and scarred from the shelling, ultimately forcing their retreat. This fierce encounter underscores the relentless intensity of the conflict in the region.

Watch the dramatic footage right here: