Watch: Ukrainian Tank Outmaneuvers Russian Forces in High-Stakes Encounter

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.20 - 2023 2:05 PM CET


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In a dramatic encounter near Bakhmut, a Ukrainian T-64BV tank successfully engaged and destroyed a Russian T-72B3 in a high-stakes tank battle.

The incident, caught on camera and verified by The Daily Mail , shows the Ukrainian forces strategically outmaneuvering their Russian counterparts.

After landing a decisive hit on the Russian T-72B3, the Ukrainian T-64BV then faced an unexpected ambush from three anti-tank guided missiles. Displaying remarkable agility, the Ukrainian tank managed to evade all incoming missiles, escaping the confrontation unscathed.

The footage, believed to be from May 2023, has since garnered significant attention, highlighting the ongoing intense military engagements in the region.

Watch the footage right here:

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