Watch: Ukrainian tank single-handedly destroys Russian armored column

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.17 - 2023 10:38 AM CET

Screenshot: Youtube
Screenshot: Youtube

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In a striking display of military prowess, a single Ukrainian tank managed to annihilate an entire Russian armored column in a failed attack near Novodonetske in the south.

The remarkable incident, involving the 58th Brigade of the Ukrainian forces, has been captured in a video that showcases the intensity of the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

The footage, which emerged on November 16, 2023, reveals the Russian armored column, consisting of a tank and two armored vehicles, attempting to advance through a tree-line towards Ukrainian positions, according to Daily Mail.

However, the Ukrainian tank, positioned strategically, responds with devastating accuracy, leaving the Russian vehicles in ruins.

As seen in the video, both Russian armored vehicles are obliterated first, followed by the tank which is reduced to a smoldering wreck. The effectiveness of the Ukrainian tank's attack signifies a significant blow to the Russian forces in this particular engagement.

This area had previously been a focus of a counter-offensive by Ukraine earlier in the summer, targeting a push towards Mariupol.

Although the initial attack showed promise, it eventually stalled, resulting in a static frontline. The recent success of the Ukrainian tank indicates a continuing resilience and tactical ingenuity on the part of Ukraine's military forces.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to see various shifts in momentum, with both sides experiencing wins and losses.

This latest incident, however, highlights the Ukrainian military's capability to inflict considerable damage on Russian forces, even when outnumbered. As the war progresses, such engagements contribute to the broader strategic landscape of the conflict.

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