What does he think he's won? Man celebrates crashing his car into a New Jersey police station

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.03 - 2023 11:51 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Man celebrates crashing his car into a New Jersey police station

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It's one thing to have a car accident. It's another to crash into a police station. It's yet another to barrel through the wall into a room full of surprised officers. But it's something entirely different to celebrate the act by blasting rock music and stepping out of the car with arms raised in a victory gesture.

This bizarre scenario recently unfolded at a police station in New Jersey.

Surveillance footage captured the entire episode. Initially, the video shows an empty parking lot late at night. A light-colored car soon appears in the distance, its headlights aimed at the police station's entrance.

Instead of pulling into one of the many available parking spots, the driver accelerates, maneuvers between two pillars outside the entrance, and smashes through what appears to be the main door.

Inside the Station

The next clip shows the interior of the station, where a silver-gray car now occupies the space previously filled by a desk.

An officer calmly enters the room from an adjoining area and is greeted by the driver, who has exited the car and stands with his arms raised and fingers pointed, mimicking a victory gesture.

It's unclear what the man thought he had achieved with this peculiar driving stunt. However, he peacefully complied with the officers' commands, closed the car door, and was promptly handcuffed.

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