White House Calls Out Speaker Johnson for Delaying Ukraine Aid Vote

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.26 - 2024 7:45 AM CET

Photo: A. Jamal / Shutterstock.com
Photo: A. Jamal / Shutterstock.com
The White House accuses House Speaker Mike Johnson of searching for unfounded excuses to avoid voting on a critical aid package for Ukraine.

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The White House Press Secretary, Karin Jean-Pierre, suggested during a briefing that House Speaker Mike Johnson is using excuses to avoid voting on a bill that would allocate aid to Ukraine.

As reported by "European Truth," Jean-Pierre stated, "I think what is happening is that the speaker is looking for an excuse that is not justified, that is not needed. Because we know that if he put it (the bill) to a vote, it would pass."

She also highlighted that the Senate had already backed the bill with a significant bipartisan majority.

This comes against a backdrop where, since October of the previous year, the US Congress has been at a standstill over approving a significant financial support package for Ukraine, proposed by President Joe Biden.

Despite months of internal debates among congress members, there is an indication from the House that Speaker Mike Johnson might schedule the bill, which also includes support for Israel and Taiwan, for a vote after Easter on March 31.

Johnson had previously stated that the bill for additional funds for Ukraine would be considered in the House as soon as funding for the federal government was secured—a condition recently met with President Biden's signing of the budget document.

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