White House Criticizes House GOP's Plan to Fund Israel Aid Without Ukraine Support

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.04 - 2024 9:28 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
White House Criticizes House GOP's Plan to Fund Israel Aid Without Ukraine Support.

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The White House has openly criticized the House Republicans' decision to schedule a vote on a $17.6 billion aid package exclusively for Israel, intentionally leaving out additional funding for Ukraine. This decision, announced by House Speaker Mike Johnson on February 3, has been condemned as a "cynical political maneuver" by the administration, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasizing the move's failure to address critical issues like border security, Ukrainian defense against Russian aggression, and humanitarian aid for Palestinian civilians.

The upcoming vote, set to exclude the proposed $61 billion in military aid for Ukraine, threatens to derail Senate efforts to secure support for a broader aid package benefiting both Ukraine and Israel.

The Senate, having reached a consensus on a combined $110 billion aid package for Israel and Ukraine tied to domestic border reforms, is poised for a vote on this agreement shortly.

House Speaker Johnson's critique of the Senate for bypassing the House in bipartisan discussions on the combined aid package reflects a growing divide, with Johnson insisting that House priorities must be considered. The White House has urged House Republicans to adopt a bipartisan approach to these national security issues, mirroring the Senate's actions.

Johnson had earlier indicated the possibility of separating the aid for Ukraine from border policy reforms, a move the White House has firmly opposed. The House's stance on the Ukraine aid, demanding stricter conditions than those proposed by the Senate, and some members' outright opposition to support for Kyiv, underscores the contentious nature of this legislative effort.

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