White House: Ukraine Must Defeat Russia to Join NATO

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.18 - 2024 12:31 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Ukraine's path to NATO membership hinges on its success in the current war with Russia.

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The Biden administration has made it clear that Ukraine must first win its war with Russia to become a NATO member. John Kirby, the coordinator of strategic communications for the National Security Council at the White House, confirmed this during a briefing.

Kirby mentioned President Joe Biden's belief that NATO is in Ukraine's future. However, Ukraine, like all new members, has specific steps to take before joining.

"NATO and the United States have stated that Ukraine must first win this war in order to join NATO, and we are doing everything possible to support that," Kirby stated during the briefing, according to Kyiv Independent.

Long-term Commitment

Kirby also noted that, regardless of the war's outcome, Ukraine will continue to face security threats from its long border with Russia.

To address this, President Biden signed a bilateral security agreement during the G7 meeting. This agreement ensures long-term support for Ukraine's military and defense needs, including assistance from the United States.

Path to NATO Membership

Washington is committed to working closely with Kyiv throughout the process of joining NATO.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken mentioned that the NATO summit in Washington in July aims to pave the way for Ukraine's membership in the Alliance.

US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith added that the summit would include significant changes in the language about Ukraine's membership prospects, sending a strong signal about Ukraine's path to joining NATO.

NATO has agreed on the need to provide a clear political signal regarding Ukraine's future membership. The Ukrainian government has said that the decisions made at the NATO summit will show a firm commitment to Ukraine's eventual inclusion in the alliance.